Root Canal Update: A Year Later

by archeophysics

So it’s been a year since my first root canal. I’m happy to report that I went back at the six month mark and an x-ray revealed that my bone had completely regrown, the abscess was completely healed, and the tooth looked perfect. I’ve had zero problems with the tooth since then.

I mentioned in my last post that my other front tooth, which had also been affected by the trauma, had a weak cold test during the evaluation for my first root canal. Unfortunately that second tooth began giving me some minor problems (aching, hurting) in January and I had to have it root canalled in early February of this year, almost exactly one year after my first root canal. (This second procedure was much less scary and painful as it wasn’t an emergency, so there was no swelling to get the lidocaine through.) When my endodontist (same one who performed the first procedure) went into the tooth, she said the nerve was definitely dead and it was good I was having it done now as if I had delayed it could have ended up like the first one.

Now that second tooth has been giving me some grief for about a week in the form of the occasional twinging pain, but it’s stopped doing that in the past few days. I had an endodontist appointment today to check that everything is ship-shape in there and they said the shooting pain is probably because I grind my teeth at night. I’d say they’re right – as soon as I started doing yoga again I’ve had no pain in that tooth, which I infer is from being relaxed while I sleep because of the yoga. Today’s x-ray was perfect, so nothing is going on in there.

Just wanted to give an update to anyone who might be scouring the web looking for root canal information!

Stay well,

– Lydia